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Racial justice

Formerly the president of Black Lives Matter chapter BLM 860, Michael Oretade firmly believes in equity. He fought for the passage of the Police Accountability Bill and the Declaration of Racism as a Public Health Crisis. If elected to the state senate he will continue to advocate for the importance of these measures.

Michael Oretade believes racial justice includes creating jobs, financial literacy training, mentorship programs for all ages, housing opportunities for vulnerable populations, the full legalisation of marijuana, and much more.

As a long-time advocate and activist for change, Michael Oretade knows that collaboration is key, and hearing from you is what works.


As an educator himself, Michael Oretade has first hand experience with the shortcomings of the educational system at every level; especially in urban areas. He believes that it takes a village to raise a child, and that we have a responsibility no matter where we live in Connecticut, to support our youth.

Youth need equitable access to mental and emotional health support, after-school programs, and recreation centres. And they deserve to be in charge of setting the terms. Schools outside urban areas often have better access to busing and after-school activities. It’s time to make access equitable across the state.

Michael Oretade also strongly supports universal early childhood education and believes the state has a role to play in providing high-quality free childcare from birth to adulthood.

Criminal Justice

Focusing on rehabilitation and education rather than punishment is proven to reduce recidivism rates (the likelihood a person will re-offend and re-enter the criminal justice system). This is why Michael Oretade advocates for an end to solitary confinement, easier access to recovery homes, and streamlining the process by which inmates can be job-trained and earn work placements upon release. He is also in favour of ending cash bail in favour of an enhanced pretrial services program.

It’s time we acknowledge we are in the midst of a mental health crisis that has a great impact on our justice system. Broadening our understanding of this crisis is imperative when considering reforms. Michael Oretade will continue to work with legal professionals, activists, advocates, and members of the community to find solutions.


There are still close to 200,000 residents in Connecticut without adequate health insurance. Michael Oretade believes in a system where nobody is left behind – medicare for all – and will promote healthcare as an irrefutable human right. Access to health services is improving, but the goal is to reach a point where everybody is provided equal, equitable, quality care services.

Michael Oretade will propose legislation similar to, and inspired by the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2021, which directed multi-agency efforts towards improving maternal health among racial and ethnic minority groups, veterans, and vulnerable populations. As a victim of medical malpractice, Michael Oretade believes in a future where people of colour do not suffer from higher rates of complications at birth. The colour of your skin, your ethnicity, or your belonging to any vulnerable group, should not affect your ability to thrive 


Houselessness is a major issue in Connecticut. Michael Oretade plans to work with community organisers and other legislators to finally end the housing crisis.

There are many ways to do it. Among them, expanding existing recovery home programs and allocating funding to non-profits that are doing the hard work of getting people into homes. The state also has a role to play in funding organisations that are focused on expanding and improving coordinated entry and access systems. The situation is dire, so the funding will need to be enough to ensure people in a housing crisis get access to resources and assistance.

And, in spite of the hurdles, some form of rent control is possible. Michael Oretade will work with legislators, property owners, and community leaders to build common ground, and ultimately, enact solutions that bring a conclusion to the housing crisis.

Environmental Justice

Environmental justice is not about just hoping and dreaming for cleaner water and air. Operation Green Obelisk, Michael Oretade’s multi-layered and comprehensive legislative project to make environmental justice a reality for the citizens of Connecticut, is action for a change.

It’s time to usher in the future of environmental sustainability with a plan that uses innovative technology to cut down on waste – all while saving you money.

Through a process called plasma arc technology, sometimes known as plasma gasification, waste products are melted down into: 1) an inert glass aggregate similar to gravel, which can be used for state-funded construction projects like roads, saving taxpayers millions, and 2) a clean burning syngas made of hydrogen and carbon monoxide that can be used to generate electricity. All without incineration and carbon emissions. Composting and food recycling will be implemented alongside this technology to cut down on food waste.

Any municipality that adopts this process will see the benefits in reduced electricity costs for its residents

Food Insecurity and Food Deserts

Growing up in the North End of Hartford, Michael Oretade is no stranger to food deserts – areas with limited access to affordable and nutritious food. The fact is there is limited access to healthy food at a reasonable price in Connecticut. This can change with government initiative and community involvement.

Michael Oretade’s plan is to incentivize businesses, large and small, to set up fresh food supermarkets in more urbanised neighbourhoods. And by supporting non-profit organisations and community-driven food justice programs – who are better able to map and measure where there are challenges – we can put an end to food deserts, while putting fresh, lower-priced food on the table.