From Jamaican and Nigerian descent,Michael is a first-generation American and the youngest of 3 siblings. He grew up as a child of a single working mom in the City of Hartford. His early years were plagued with difficulty due to suffering from a nerve injury at birth that almost took his mother’s life as well as his. Several blood transfusions later both Michael and his mother escaped death. But, at the cost of partial paralysis on his left side that impacts him to this day. As a member of the state legislature Michael vows to combat the inequitable amounts of malpractice and high mortality rates that occur for women of color. Stories that often go unheard. He attended Rawson Elementary School where he discovered his great passion for music, reading, writing, and art. All aiding in his insatiable love for Japanese Anime and the cinema. Michael graduated from Albert I. Prince Technical School and later on discovered his passion for teaching. He went on to attend Rasmussen College where he graduated with a 4.0 GPA receiving his Associates degree in Early Childhood Education. He is now the Building Substitute Teacher for Highland Park Elementary School in Manchester. Michael believes that children of Connecticut are entitled to an equitable education from birth to adulthood and plans to fight for a high-quality education for all children in Connecticut.

In the advent of the murder of George Floyd in 2020, Michael Oretade joined fellow members of the city of Hartford in protest of the inequities Black and Brown people face at the hands of the criminal justice system. Together, they protested, met with police chiefs, mayors, politicians and community members from all over the state of Connecticut to develop policy as well as counter measures for the plethora of inequities. Michael is determined to curb recidivism, crime, and poverty by focusing on mental health, education, and job creation once inducted into the state legislature.

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